Monday, October 6, 2008

I Scream

Raw chocolate ice cream is what keeps us going. Britt claims it’s that final hump at the end of the day that makes him say, “hallelujah I’m raw.” Seriously, give up pizza and fries – at least the cooked versions we know of them – and suffer a bit. Taste the raw versions and adjust yr palette - we have… happily ! but missing ice cream and feeling the hole that’s left there in yr heart – or tooth, perhaps more accurately – is a crucial hump to bump in yr transition phase. Why fret? Honestly, chowing on our raw chocolate orange ice cream last night sprinkled with some cinnamon and a few chopped walnuts was like a good old jaunt to ben and what-his-names anyway ! I got this ice cream maker for ten whole bucks at a random thrift store in the valley – even to Britt’s protests that it may not work – and we’ve never looked back since. We made wild fig and vanilla after our forage into the woods brought plentiful fruits and poison oak, almond butter cup swirl for helga’s birthday gift, and blackberry peach sorbet to assuage the cravings beast, but it’s been a chocoholic meeting nightly around here. A fav tip – it’s the quality of the cacao that gets you that instant high. We use dagoba or navitas and it kicks the butt of any wimpy haagan daaz anyday. More fav tips – keep yr ice cream canister freezing over night, let the ice cream churn for twenty minutes but past that make sure to check it hasn’t overdone it back to soupy stuff, and lastly you can invest in the great book vice cream but only follow the recipes so closely. If you don’t have everything he calls for, throw in some substitutions and get wacky ! It’s time the world saw more salt and pepper sorbet or lemon basil mint ice cream. Throw in some greens too if yr looking for the ultimate alkalinity meets sugar rush! Next on the cue – a pecan and praline and something with kale for diva. The ice cream socials never stop. It’s a rocky road for sure.

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Alexander Frank said...

dude i want this more than anything in the world. fedex me some!!