Thursday, January 24, 2008


With only 7 days to go until the big day, the Dompe' faction of C&R decided to start the countdown with a little raw tribute to the island that started it all. With so many theories being thrown around, whose to say the Lost island isn't actually a raw food cake sitting on top of a pots and pans sculpture in my kitchen in a parallel universe? (see photo). The puke green color of the island was made possible by the avocado (one of my favorite ingredients for any recipe) with some sweet extras. The ocean, however, proved a more difficult task. Who knew blueberries do not produce a blue juice perfect for oceans? So it was decided that the ocean would be blood red, symbolizing doom. The body of the mountain was obviously made of banished souls. That's why it is so spooky! But guess what, it's also delicious. Everyone dug in. Even the cat (a.k.a Fortress a.k.a. Emperor a.k.a. Vlad a.k.a. Chippypepep) was contributing some serious vibes. Next up: life-size John Locke cake.

tonights dishes: DHARMA RAWMA

Saturday, January 19, 2008

friday nite lights

friday nite rush hour traffic is a rite of passage for any los angeleno, and last nite we experienced it first hand as diva and luis slowly trudged their way to my house with raw frosting ingredients in tow and the clock ticking. after a mix up in communication ("i thought you brought the almonds !?!?") and a last minute dried fruit run, "drippy ball mountain" a.k.a. "ogre booger balls" were created. in record time !! in true teamwork ace-of-cakes-worthy fashion, luis was on the overflowing pulsing processor, diva was on fruity frosting faux-melting, and i was badass on measuring cups and dirty dishes. then it was a balance act to the show at echo curio to feed the droning, head-banging masses. after a little coercion and undercover operating by diva ("whoa what is this stuff? Is it any good?"), our REAL FOOD balls of serious reality were a total success ! another crops and rawbers raw-rescue !!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

here we are face to face a couple of silver spoons

yeah, while the rest of the world is munching on parts, us vegans and raw foodies are looking for the light at the end of the bacon-wrapped tunnel. this is crops and rawbers, a place for weirdos to make weird delicious treats out of whole, organic, natural foods. meat eating husbands like it, somewhat critical famous dads like it, random hungry co-workers like it, and we do too. take the cheese out of yr cheesecake and hang out with us as we experiment, bake, and unbake. love is real food, so get siked to slobber you foodie punks. xo diva and amanda