Thursday, December 11, 2008

48 hours of bonkers wackadoodle madness

A couple weeks ago, Amanda and I took on the insane task of feeding the fashion frenzies for a 24 hour period at Paper Magazines 24 hour department store. Below are the videos of both the prep and the party. They pretty much speak for themselves, but let me just give a brief overview of what they include: giant lakers pens, 50 pieces of corn in the early morn, marching band, twin dj's playing be our guest from beauty and the beast, spats, 9 am 9 year old singing wonder, 10 am dance crew, pinata party, and musical performances by Diva and Britt.


The weekend following halloween, our partying was not over, as we had a two-day catering job for the brewery art walk! The Brewery is an awesome art colony located in downtown los angeles hosting about 500 artists in all different fields of art. It is located in the old pabst blue ribbon brewery, as well as one of los angeles' first power plants, and a couple other great spaces as well. The party we did, which was themed made in the USA, and hosted artists, film and music, was in a beautiful loft on the top floor of the old brick brewery building. The stairs were a challenge and the views were amazing, looking right over the train tracks and the skyscrapers of downtown.
Anyway, watch the video for yourself and see what it was like!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tell Me Something GOOD

Weirdly, December 6th seemed to be some crazy cosmically intense day that was beckoning to all LA go-getters and power-people. Crops and Rawbers was invited to cater THREE events taking place on the 6th, as numerous craft fairs, art markets, sample sales, and general scene seeners popped up simultaneously all over the city. We chose, and for good reason, the GOOD magazine eco-friendly meet and greet for like-minded recyclers, composters, makers, breakers, and fixer-uppers. Our booth was awesome and outside in the sun, situated near the radical seed bomb guy, vintage button lady, silverlake farms reps, and Eagle Rock's own kooky-but-conscious REGENERATION mini store. Diva found us a classic round robin table with built-in stools and umbrella - kind of a happening hang out spot. In typical bleached-out LA fashion, mexican food was the Melrose Ave ala carte du jour as we served up our rock'em sock'em tacos with guac'em. The homemade raw tortillas were a hit even as we went head to head with mamas tamales steaming it up in the front of house. Not a bad little feat for the raw foodies out there who dare to taste test against the cooked world ! Siked on our set up, and ready to preach on, we gave a short talk on the lifestyle, answered some questions, and made almond butter for the eager little crowd. No one could resist our wacky combo of banana boats stuffed with almond butter and topped with leafy celery sticks and cayenne. Turning heads and minds daily, people !