Thursday, December 11, 2008

48 hours of bonkers wackadoodle madness

A couple weeks ago, Amanda and I took on the insane task of feeding the fashion frenzies for a 24 hour period at Paper Magazines 24 hour department store. Below are the videos of both the prep and the party. They pretty much speak for themselves, but let me just give a brief overview of what they include: giant lakers pens, 50 pieces of corn in the early morn, marching band, twin dj's playing be our guest from beauty and the beast, spats, 9 am 9 year old singing wonder, 10 am dance crew, pinata party, and musical performances by Diva and Britt.


Erin said...

I am missing your stories... :(

cristina said...

more recipes,photos and stories please!!!!

Jessica said...

I love you girls! Such good energy