Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just a Badass Day

The vibrational energy that Diva puts out is such that she always gets us invited to the best weirdest secretest spots around LA! Last Saturday we were serving a tri-color bowl of zucchini angel hair pasta to the hardcore shoppers and hardass skaters at a tucked away sample sale for INSIGHT in Culver City. What!? So we show up and jeans are being flung, tanks are being tossed, and the DJ's playing Yo La Tengo. Sounds rad, but then we're situated behind the insane exhaust fumes of a greasy old taco truck serving up carne asada to all our potential customers! Busted, right? But the board scrapers were in top form working off a budget ramp made of the oldest wood we'd ever seen and held together by duct tape, and the cash-dropping crowd were loving our sample bowls of pesto, marinara, and alfredo pastas which we made the day before during a two hour stint while primping for our Paper Magazine photo shoot with lens legend Dan Monick. Phew! Seriously a nuts weekend, and luckily no nut allergies in the crowd. After serving it up, we found ourselves at a makeshift craft station, drawing Blackblack cdr covers and listening to Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car." It was a quick change for Diva into a tropical bird ala vintage Tiki Room and then Blackblack played an awesome set. When the buyers pleaded, there was no food left and all the songs had been sung. That's how we do it around here, always leave them wanting more.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Never the Smell so sweet

Dragging our butts - and a buttload of food - downtown on a Tuesday night isn't usually our cup of herbal tea, but to feed our friends at the Smell for an Abe Vigoda/Vivian Girls show we'd schlep it all ! If you don't know - it's like 80 plus here in LA still (say hello to indian summer!), so something sweet, cold, and light was def in order at the super sweaty Smell. We made awesome double fudge heart cakes, golden grahams gelato, walnut whip, trail mix biscotti, and some coconut mac-macs to win over all the punks, teens, and in-betweens. Blackberries and mint to keep things cool and, of course, some great conversation. Here's a tip to keeping mint or any herb tasting crisp without that sad-ass wither in the hot-ass weather: never leave them in the fridge ! They'll lose their flavor and their swagger. Just put them in a small jar or cup filled with water, like you would a bunch of flowers in a vase. Even in the pressure cooker of a punk club, our mint had a "sprig" in it's step. The sets were rowdy, we cut a rug, sold an enormous amount of bottled water, meeted and greeted, and finally had to taste the product for ourselves. The Smell never smelled so sweet !

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Turtle Power !

Our friend Bethany is a classic leftover hater. She doesn't want anything the next day, especially if it's restaurant fare, and by the third day you'd swear she'd seen black mold ! But in raw foods, leftovers are nature's true charm and blessing. Life is just a glorified salad, and a few tupperwares of last night's meal can creatively combine to transform and tickle yr taste buddies. It's yr food part two. Sunday night we catered an awesome party at LA's Brewery for some smashing/smashed guests. The finale: fresh organic strawberries in a melty cacao fondue. When the strawberries were no more, that fondue pot went straight into my freezer. But what to do once you've done the fondue? Come midnight Monday, and Britt was predicting some fudgey bites for our coming election coverage. We got that fondue fon-did out of the freezer, waited for it to soften and began dunking in raisins and raw brazil nuts, macademias, and walnuts. Just like in politics, you can't be afraid to get a bit messy. Back in the freezer and ready for us to delight in during Obama's acceptance speech in Chicago. Chocolatey, sweet and rich ! Like our president elect !