Thursday, January 24, 2008


With only 7 days to go until the big day, the Dompe' faction of C&R decided to start the countdown with a little raw tribute to the island that started it all. With so many theories being thrown around, whose to say the Lost island isn't actually a raw food cake sitting on top of a pots and pans sculpture in my kitchen in a parallel universe? (see photo). The puke green color of the island was made possible by the avocado (one of my favorite ingredients for any recipe) with some sweet extras. The ocean, however, proved a more difficult task. Who knew blueberries do not produce a blue juice perfect for oceans? So it was decided that the ocean would be blood red, symbolizing doom. The body of the mountain was obviously made of banished souls. That's why it is so spooky! But guess what, it's also delicious. Everyone dug in. Even the cat (a.k.a Fortress a.k.a. Emperor a.k.a. Vlad a.k.a. Chippypepep) was contributing some serious vibes. Next up: life-size John Locke cake.

tonights dishes: DHARMA RAWMA

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