Thursday, September 25, 2008

time to get this blog going again!!!
so much exciting stuff has been going on in the crops and rawbers world.
After a small semi-hiatus due to amanda's adventures into living light culinary school certification (!!!!), we are ready to feed the masses with some really delicious dishes.
We are going to be having some fun events coming up so make sure to check up on our myspace, and check back here for photos!
October 2nd we will be starting our dinner and a movie series at Echo Curio, with Woody Allen's Bananas and a cuban food voyage in accompaniment.
anyway, here's what we have been up to all summer (Beast Feast, Flowerpot Cupcakes, Kombucha Popscles, and Friends):


CatCampion said...

Do you have an email list? I don't wanna miss out! What can you tell me about your event Thursday, at Echo Curio?

megan said...

hey, wanted to know if you'd be able to make 100 vegan cupcakes for my friends wedding.
get back to me when you can:
thanks guys!!!