Thursday, October 9, 2008

Au Lac

Last nite hang sesh with Cameron and Erica at Au Lac – the vegan/raw asian dive we discovered last month and have not stopped dreaming about since. Cameron and Erica are the raddest omnivores ever – they order off the raw menu with us, let me create giant zucchini noodle bowls for them, and live with a little raw foodie friend – sissy spacek the cottontail bunny. She chomps on her romaine like the best of us !

Sadly, Au Lac is in the bummer of all strip malls in Fountain Valley – where seriously half the spots are up for rent and the only thing appealing is a rasta store where I scored a major friendship bracelet. Usually I don’t say this, but screw the bad atmosphere. This place has sheer divinity in its food. I got the out-of-my-mind hot and sour soup with buttloads of amazingly giant pieces of seaweed, Britt had the sprouted wild rice masala, and Cam and Erica feasted on the oozing iceberg shell taco. But since we wanted to get serious, and there’s no screwing around with our greens, we had to order two “da bowls” – the salad to end your salad days. Avo, white onion, olives, tomatoes, bits of flax crackers, sprouted candied pecans and the lightest tangiest vinegrette since Mr. Newman passed on ! Better even – sorry Paul ! Dessert was slices of chocolate chai and scotch on the rocks pies. Look, it was just a moan fest. Jonathan Gold was right – the best shit ever is tucked away in the most random nasty complexes nestled between the Curves gym and the sketchy checks cashing place.

Major and all shout outs and props go to Chef Ito, the man of the night, who, after taking a vow of silence, makes his daily raw delights with all the love, spirit, humanity, and calm of a monk on the Himalayas. Complimentary chocolates, bear hugs, constant eye contact through admittedly strange hand and facial miming, and – most badass of all – a crazy elixir cure-all on the house for super sicky Cameron. One shot and he was speedy and snotty – ahh, the road to recovery ! And all raw, organic, vegan, and composed with care. We were all feeling elated and hopeful. Food that beautiful can be served to you by a man so beautiful. High all night and into today.

Check out Au Lac restaurant
Our favs:
Curried guacamole
Hot and sour seaweed soup
Durian smoothie
Raw soft taco
Da Bowl

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