Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cinderawlla for a Day

Traveling raw is simple. Be prepared ! Like the knowing boy scout, go with yr stock in check - an avocado, some himalayan sea salt, yr own olive oil or Braggs, kelp or dulse powder, dehydrated snacks like sprouted seeds and nuts, Lara bars, dried fruit, and flax cracks, fresh organic fruit, and when possible small kitchenware like a personal blender, a sprout bag or jar, wooden chopsticks, and a good travel knife. Damn, sounds serious ! And going for the day to Disneyland is no exception ! Expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised when they actually offer you an orange. For $1.75 !! But that's no surprise, this is a theme park where a bottle of water with Goofy on it is $3.25. He must have gotten a sweet endorsement deal ! Yesterday, we joined the population of a small city at Walt Disneyland. On a raw diet, we were upbeat and on our feet in the heat, all day and evening. Britt and I started our morning with a green juice - loaded with dandelion root and ginger (so our fingers wouldn't swell up with all that arm-swingin) and packed for lunch crazy chopped salads, fresh peaches, chai raweos, and just-squeezed honey dew juice. Disneyland, always open to the poor and the food freaks of the world, does allow you to bring in yr own food and beverage (which I never knew !) and eat it in their picnic area. If yr sack's bulging with raw goodies and you want to stay mobile, there's a bunch of lockers to the left of the main entrance where you can stuff yr stash. This of course makes yr hands free to wave when yr flying over Fantasyland in a Dumbo seat. All around the park, I found fresh fruit stands - most of which you've got to question the freshness. But don't even hope for organics... if yr stranded and starved, this is all you've got - better than burgers but def sprayed with some rowdy pesticides. On Main Street, near the Tiki Room, and twice in California Adventure I stopped to check out the stands. Hilariously, the ones entitled "Fruit Market" or "Fresh Fruit" were half filled with Doritos, Cheetos, and Funyons. Disney visitors: the orange in Cheetos does not provide beta-carotenes and needless to say, there is nothing resembling an onion in a Funyon. To my raw friends, careful of the seedless grapes and don't go near any of the "juices." In classically clean Disney fashion, you won't find any brown spots on the bananas or any bruises on the waxy apples. Pineapple spears and watermelon slices look good but they cost more than you'd pay for a full melon at the farmers market. If all else fails, there's a somewhat scary Jamba Juice at the entrance where you can down a shot of wheatgrass and get a fresh-squeezed carrot orange juice on the rocks. Not too shabby considering I figured we'd be confronted with giant turkey legs, giant lollipops, giant churros, and giant people at every turn !! There was some of that. But some fruit too ! Awesome rides, awesome company, pretty awesome food (all that we made, but hey - when eaten in the sun it gets even awesomer), awesome outfits (check out our Disney duds),awesome Mickey, awesome day. p.s. i wish those nightmare before christmas cakes were raw !! but unfortunately they're 99 percent high fructose corn syrup. cmon goths, get with it !

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I agree that traveling raw is super easy, it just takes a little prep and planning.