Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crops and Rawbers Northern Excursion

This past weekend I went to San Francisco on tour with my band blackblack and while taking advantage of the trip and playing as many shows possible, I also got to experience some Bay Area food adventures. The first night we got there we played in sol house in oakland which is a center of sustainable living in which they grow organic produce and recycle and do community projects and education about sustainable living. We got there and they had made a delicious vegan meal, dirty pots and pans all over their huge kitchen and lots of happy eating faces! In back they have turned a vacant lot into a beautiful, plentiful garden. and they reuse their water for the garden. even the sink water in the bathroom went straight to a bucket and was used to flush the toilet. I talked to one of the ladies that made the meal and lives in the sol house and she said there is one coming in a few months to Los Angeles on Melrose and Orange, so keep an eye out!
It was so fun to play a show in their sustainable palace, especially because we got to play with our friends Cryptacize, who are one of my favorite bands right now, amazing songs and overall adorable people.
The next day we lugged our amps to the middle of a Berkeley forest and played for a wonderful group of enthusiast face-painted college kids. They had yummy snacks, like vegan pumpkin cookies, and even tried crops and rawbers chocolate truffle recipe to great success. After lugging the amps back out of the forest, we were so ready for an energizing meal at Cafe Gratitude. It was my first time there and one of the most delicious raw meals i have ever had. All the dishes are named after sentences of self-admiration, and I got the I Am Cheerful with the works. Very appropriate! It was a sprouted pumpkin seed and walnut burger, def recommend it.
Constable got the same and Lola and Frederick got raw pizzas, the I Am Sensational and the I Am Mahalo. It was a great mid-minitour treat.
A very inspiring weekend overall.

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