Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OOh Baby I Like It Raw

That fitting refrain from Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s “Shimmy Ya” was playing in my mind last night while Britt and I dined with hip hop legend-in-the-making journalist Brandon Perkins. Besides being a RZA chronicler and boy Friday at URB Magazine, Brandon’s juggling scripts for Lil Wayne, an application to Harvard Grad, and all the fine ass honeys on the dancefloor. And yet he still finds the time to show up at our pad carrying a petite sirah and flowers (!), with an empty stomach, in a Honda Civic he’s borrowing from the Wu Tang tour manager. What!? This is the stuff dinner guests are made of ! Before his arrival, we whipped up our now famous brazil nut pesto pasta and a loaded salad drizzled with one of Britt’s amazing dressing creations. The truth is, I’ve seen Brandon suck down everything from shrimp tacos to pizza with the works, so if we’re serving this rural Connecticut man it better be a hearty dish with depths of umami !. Follow that up with our raw Mexican Hot Chocolate “I Scream” – careful there’s jalapenos in there – and we were off to see Josh Brolin totally kill it as our fumbling President in W. Delicious wine, great company, gorgeous fresh food, presidential parody, and a few shout outs to our beloved Ol’ Dirty – an outrageous rapper who liked to do it raw. RIP ODB.

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