Friday, October 17, 2008

Cry Me A River (whoa)


After tonight’s radical farmers market score, and subsequent INSANE salad bonanza where we threw all caution to the wind and included watercress and spinach to our bountiful bowls, Diva, Britt, and I got started on what would end up being about five pounds of onion rings! Tomorrow night we’ll be serving tropical collard wraps and those fab rings with a side of tangy bbq sauce at the Ooga Booga party for Sharon Cheslow’s new book thingie. Usually things get a little mixxy in the kitchen the night before a big event – and by mixxy I mean wack-a-doodle – but we were calm as organically grown Persian cucumbers tonight thanks to the awesome slicing blade on our Cuisinart. Are you kidding me? We saved a thousand hours but couldn’t stop the tears. Thanks to serious sage and nag champa, because about twenty minutes ago that kitchen smelled like an onion holocaust. I’ve heard that if you leave yr tongue out and breath through yr open mouth you have a better chance to beat the stinky weepy beast.

The party should be awesome; we love supporting and helping Wendy at Ooga Booga – her store is dope and it’s in Chinatown, Jake. Need we say more? Maybe next time we’ll make sweet and sour veggies with schezuan peppers and hot mustard, but why compete? We know how to bring the flavor, duh. And the secret’s in the batter – that hint of nutmeg, cumin, black pepper, and orange. It’s bananas.

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