Thursday, October 23, 2008


I wouldn’t normally suggest going through old computer files, looking for pictures of yrself – mainly because there’s a thousand other way more amazing things to do when the California sun is shining, but also because you might actually find some. That said, today, randomly, I stumbled across photos from an old Crops and Rawbers pizza party event at our friend Janet’s art gallery, Tiny Creatures. Even though we were siked on a No Age appearance that got canceled due to a bummed out Randy Randall cold, I remember the night being hilarious and full of weird surprises – like our raw candy-filled pinada getting the serious beat down by sugar-craving punks while I was forced to talk it up with some health food naysayer bugging me about protein and calcium deficiencies. Help me, Diva ! But she had pizza to serve and seconds to dish out. Our pies were tropical with pineapple, avocado, red bell pepper, and chilies, and rocket with homemade pesto, fresh arugula, olive oil, and crushed black pepper. We would have been snagging slices ourselves if it didn’t run out so fast. Sadly, there was a hungry dude with a nut allergy who we could not service. And we’re still sorry to this day ! Now we can reminisce together and take a look back to April 2008. Time travel on the internet does truly exist my friends. p.s. as i said, this night was weird and wacky, so please excuse any middle fingers, gum shout outs, or money eating. p.p.s. keep yr where's waldo eye out for my band Pocahaunted's collage art and our only-funny-to-us, very necessary Cuba Gooding Jr. tip jar.

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