Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just Call Me the Angel of Morning

Morning routines are crucial, and in the raw home they’re damn near psychotic. But I say give in to the organization of supplements, stretches, and scrubbing – don’t fight it ! After dry brushing my whole body, trying to have a successful BM (hey, there are no secrets here), jumping on my trampo, and popping my probiotics, it’s time to get serious at the juicer. Diva told me that since she’s begun her green smoothie breakfast regimen life has been siked and beyond. For me, it’s a sipping a green juice before noon from a green tinted wine goblet through a glass straw. This shit is crazy satisfying and sort of luxurious, actually. For weeks, Britt and I have been doing the usual cocktail – kale, apple, celery, parsley, a slice of lemon and, if we’re feeling like royalty, half a grapefruit and a knob of ginger. Fly me to the moon ! But even my fussy pants, obsessed with getting one thing right and recreating that glory over and over, wants to get dicey and through some other combos in the mix. When I suggested getting fruity, Britt insisted we needed more greens. He’s a green fiend, obviously. So now I’m just going for taste and sensation – brain boosters, limb lifters, skin savers, pee pushers, fat flushers, and the like. Today’s delicious mash up – my “PUT UP YR CUKES JUICE” – a whole cucumber, the juice of two limes, and a good shake of crystal manna spirulina. Crisp and citrusy with that perfect hint of algae ! We’re not drinking boxed up Capri Suns around here, people.

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